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The Market Church in Essen

The Market Church is the oldest Protestant church in the centre of Essen and it can look back over a varied history. Today it is the official place of worship for the church district of Essen. Apart from providing the setting for divine services and devotions, this is the venue for regular performances of church music, exhibitions and talks. But you are also welcome to spend a few moments of contemplation and quiet here: you can light a candle, say a prayer or record a personal wish in the book that is laid out for this purpose.


As a historical building and Protestant landmark in the middle of the City of Essen the Market Church is of major significance. Its fate not only gives an account of the development of Protestantism in Essen, it also bears impressive witness to the general religious and urban history in the Ruhr metropolis.

First mentioned in the 12th century, the Market Church has up to the present day undergone conversion, extension, renovations, destruction and reconstruction. In 1563 the Market Church became the church of the Protestant citizenry. At the beginning of the nineteen thirties town planners called for it be demolished; for a time they wanted to sell the church because of an acute shortage of cash. In the Second World War, finally, this historical building was razed to the ground by bombing raids. Thanks to the great commitment of Essen citizens it was possible after the war to re-erect the Church in a simplified form, reduced in size and without a steeple, using the old fabric of the building.

Since 2006 a distinctive feature of this house of worship's view and interior has been its western chancel of blue glass. In 2012 the Market Church was given a new entrance portal with four artistically designed, glass doors.

Regular events

In the Market Church the Protestant Church in Essen intends to promote the dialogue between church and art, faith and culture. Spread throughout the year, a number of exhibitions, concerts and talks are therefore held in the Market Church.

Every Saturday at 4 pm "Vespers at Four" combines the richness of church music with meditative texts and prayers; admission is free.

On every third Sunday in the month a meditative service is held at 6 pm. Other services are memorial services for people who have to be buried anonymously without a funeral, ecumenical services for people with and without disability, services for young adults, a service for World AIDS Day, school services and services of the church district for introductions and leave-takings.

The Market Church is the central point of the Essen church district for rejoining the church: every Wednesday from 3 pm to 6 pm pastors and predicants will be available to give an admission consultation to baptised Christians who wish to (re-)join the Protestant Church.

Opening hours

The Market Church is normally open from Monday to Friday from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm, and on Saturday from 12 noon to 17 pm.